I recently got a tattoo that means a lot to me, in so many ways. This marks my second Taylor Swift tattoo. I got the word RED in bold letters and the almost exact font that is used for the album. This album is amazing and heart breaking, and beautifully tragic. I never thought it was possible to relate to an album that much. I was a fan of Taylor before Red was released, but as I was listening to every song and got chills at every lyric. I began to realize when I was alone in my room with no one to talk to, Taylor was there. She was there when no one else in my life was. I was in a dark place in 2012 and even now, I still struggle with my demons. I experienced many painful memories and this album helped me. I saw the Red tour live in May of last year and after the concert - I had originally planned to commit suicide.  There was something about that show that made me want to see another day. Taylor gave me hope. As I am sitting here typing this out, I am proud that I am here. Here to experience the 1989 era because I never thought I’d be able to hear a new Taylor album. Red was my rock and will always be held close to my heart. Before 1989 came out, I wanted to get this tattoo so that no matter where I am, it’s imprinted on me. This album changed my life - more importantly it saved my life. taylorswift

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Remember when we couldn’t take the heat, I walked out, I said “I’m setting you free”. But the monsters turned out to be just trees, when the sun came up you were looking at me.


The rest of the world is black and white, but we were in screaming color.

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spinning like a girl in brand new dress,
we had this big wide city all to ourselves

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